Today was amazing! A sunny day with 26°c.
After a lite breakfast, we left the hotel in direction of the pacific ocean. We had a great view of the whole region of Miraflores. We then met our local friend Carla and her father. They made us visit Lima from one end to another starting with Pointe de los suspiros (Barranco). This place offer an amazing view, a lot of vegetations and flower.
We then continued our way to the south to Chorrillos offering a view on many beaches.
We then went north to a site with 5 pyramids. It was a huge site, very sunny and hot. We could go around and on top of them with a guide. It was impressive!
We then stopped for lunch to share a huge portion of turkey, french fries and salade. Local drink made of red corn and lemon is delicious!
We ended the visit north of Lima in El Punto.