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Today we woke up early to join a boat excursion to the Bellastras island. There was 25 seats in the boat and we had to travel 20km. On the way, we saw a big ancient drawing on a nearby mountain. It is 120 meters high and 55 meters wide. It is at least 150 years old and it never got erased as it never rain here.
Once at the Bellastras Island, we discovered multiple islands, each one crowded with millions of pelican, sea birds, ans sea lions. We even saw dozen of pinguin jumping in the sea (rare).
Did you know that the guano, (bird poop), is an excellent fertilizer. It is found in big quantity on the island. It has been exported to different countries for years and contributed to Lima economy for years.
We then jumped in a bus in direction of Nazca. The road is going through desert and then through steep mountain with a road doing zig zag …
Once in Nazca, we dropped our bag in the hotel and jumped in a shuttle for the Nazca airport. We saw the nazca line from the air in a small cesna. It was impressive! The pilot was continously doing tight left and right turn so we can see the ground through side windows. My stomach is unstable!
But it worth the 115$US.
Next, we are now planning to go to a museum to learn more about the Nasca line.
Tomorrow itinerary is still unknown! There are miners doing a strick. They are blocking the highway to Arequipa. They are very angry and throwing rocks at bus/cars…
Looks like we may have to go back to Lima to fly to Arequipa directly, to bypass this road block.