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Today, is day 5. We woke up in a nice little hotel in Nazca. From the street, we could not tell it’s an hotel. Even our guide was unsure it was the correct location. Once in, it still looks like a private home with a garage entry. Quite strange but it then open up on an open sky place with grass and the individuals rooms.
Over here, breakfast is made of bread, jam, orange juice and tea/coffee.
First activity of the day was to visit the Chauchilla cemetery. It is located in the middle of desert and is made of hundreds of underground tumbs filled with momified person from Nasca civilization. The tombs are made of concrete wall about 1.5 meters deep. Each family had a tomb and there was separation between each individuals.
Back then, there was a very high percentage of child mortality. They were momified too. Strangely enough, they all sit in their tombs looking toward the east; to see sunrise.
Nearby, there are the highest sand dune in the world; they are 2000 meters high!
We then went in direction of the Nazca first aqueduc. Even through it rains no more than 5mm per years, this region has farms. Thanks to the underground river flowing from the high mountains surrounding the region and to the special aquedec system that is able to extract water from ground and speed up its flow by using a series of huge hole made of rock in a spiral shape.
We could not stay more than 10 minutes as we had to catch our bus to Arequipa.
The strike in Arequipa has calm down and road block is over; thanks to the army. šŸ™‚
We are in a bus in direction of Arequipa for the next 11 hours.
There is nothing but desert around here! Can’t wait to see some mountains!