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This morning, we left Arequipa in direction of the Colca Canyon. The road is going around volcanos, and then through a series of valley and mountain passes.
We saw many domestic lama and wild empacas in the nearby national parc. We even saw a baby lama no more than 1 hour old. 🙂
The highest mountain passes was at 4910 meters. We can feel the altitude but we are fine. Thanks to coca tea 😉 A simple 15 minutes walk without backpack remind us about the lack of oxygen around here.
Once, we arrived in Chivay, the main city of the area, we went straight to an “all you can eat buffet” restaurant. Great choice of wild animal meat, vegetable, soup, rice…
We then stopped to our hotel; the colca inn, for an afternoon nap. It was needed!
Next, we went to a nearby hot spring called “La Calera”. The hot water come from the center of the mountain and is at 85c. It was a very relaxing time!
We are back to our hotel again and getting prepared to go out for diner and see a dancing show.