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Today, we woke up early once again to get the 7h15 shuttle to the bus station.
We took the bus from Arequipa to Puno. The first section of road was the same as when we went to Colca Canyon. We followed mountains side to go around huge volcanos. After that, once in the high land, the road was surprisingly straight with almost no mountain range to cross even though the altitude ranged in the 4400 meters.
We went through a city called Juliaca ; what can I say… the highway end on one side and resume on the other. Most of the main street don’t have pavement, it probably took 45min to do 10km since the road was so in bad shape. When it rain, all street get floaded.
Hopefully we continued our way to Puno which offer a nice view on the Lake Titicaca; the highest navigable lake in the world and largest lake in south america. There are not much picture to share at this time, I took all pictures with my other camera.

However I can share this one, showing the elevation of our room in Puno: 3945 meters.
When you check-in here, they tell you; If you need anything or not feeling well, dial 0. The hotel has oxygen tank if you need. Yeah!