Today, the plan is to travel by bus from Puno to Cusco. Not much to say, we went through Juliaca once again and then through the high lands for a few hours before finally initiating the way down to Cusco valley, 6 hours later where we can see trees, green mountains and rivers. It looks much better than last few days of desert landscape 🙂 On the other hand, the blue sky got replaced by a cloudy sky.

In Peru, people use the horn very often. I think they use it more often than the brake. It may have many different meanings:
-Hello, I’m there.
-I’m passing on your left.
-I’m passing on your right.
-I’m a taxi, do you want a ride?
-Hey the Tuk-Tuk, get out of my way.
-Hey stupid cow, get off the road.

That make a not so relaxing bus ride when the driver use the horn 3 times every 5 minutes for 6 hours…

Once in Cusco, we went out to discover the historical area of the city. There are many churches and cathedral there. The street are the old style. Surrounding bulding still use the original wall from the inka. There are a few square with flower, foutain and animation. Not far from there, there is a marche where people sell everything from cloth, to patatos while going through juice, piece of beef, cereal and more… we counted over 20 types of patatoes!
Tomorrow we are going to the Sacred valley of Cusco to discover the archeological sites.
We are already planning for the 4 days inca trail trek. We know we are going to have a private guide, 5 porters and one chief for the food preparation.
Wow! Looks likevan expedition!