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Today, we went on a tour to visit the sacred valley near Cusco. This valley groups most of the inca archeological site of the area.
We started with the visit of Pisac
The road bring us to the top of the mountain. With an easy walk, we could visit the entire site. This site host 15000 tumbs. Each one is an hole in the cliff. These used to be closed, however tumb robers has broken in each and stole all the gold and silver. The trail follow the mountain side and even goes through a tunnel. The view on terasse is amazing.
The next site we visited is Ollantaytambo. It’s a huge site that can be accessed from the village at the bottom of the mountain. We then have to climb hundred of steps to get to the temple of the sun. Very nice view on surroundings mountains, valley and rivers. The massive piece of granite use to built this site were taken from a mountain 2 or 3 km away. They also figure out a way to bring water to the temple through a series of canal and fountains.
Many windows and rock were used and based on shadow/light position on the ground at sun rise, they could predict summer/winter solstice.
We are tired and we have not yet started the inca trail trek.
Next update in 4-5 days.