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We left the Cusco hotel around 4am. A bus brought us to km 82 where the inca trail start. Since the number of visitor per day is limited and stricly verified. We had to show our ticket and our passport to get in the trail.
We had 5 porter, 1 chef and 1 guide for the 2 of us. They carry the tents, bbq, propane can, food, chair, tables, camping mattress and up to 6 kg of our personal items. (Sleeping bag & extra cloth).
Each of the porter has 25kg of items in their backpack and they are still going faster than us.
The first day went well, we followed the river for some time and then start the progressive climb through the valley.
This part of the trail is also use by local communities. We saw a lot of lamas, donkeys and horses… and their poo everywhere.
The view was amazing, we crossed a few river coming from glacier at the top of the mountains.
Our first camping spot was on the way up to the first mountain pass.
We were welcomed by our team of porter with a hot tea and a bol of hot water to wash our face. The tent are up and the mattress are inflated already. All we have to do is unpack our sleeping bag and put on some warm cloth.
Our porter then invited us for a very nice diner made of a kinoa soup, a main plate made of rice, meat and vegetable, and a desert.
Even though it rained overnight, it was not too cold.