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We woke up early to get a taxi to the bus station and then a bus to Vinales.
However, arriving 40 min before bus departure is not early enough to buy tickets. Especially with some impatient Germans in the room who don’t seem to understand the concept of waiting in line. They should come to Montreal for a crash course standing in line..(edit by Tina). There was a long waiting line and only 1 employee to sell tickets. They announced us that we were not getting on that bus. We turned around and asked 2 Italian guys from Venice and agreed to share a taxi to Vinales. 15CUC (15 dollars) each for over 2 hours drive. A good deal we thought. It was an old car from the 1950s, and the driver stopped for 5 minutes on the way to do some “business” to get gas. There were people watching the street for incomming vehicule. We didn’t ask any questions.
We got to Vinales early, left our bag in our casa, had some welcome fruits and checked out some basic information. After lunch, we rented 2 bicycles for the rest of the day (7cuc). Don’t expect anything good quality bikes around here. Mine had faulty bearing in the direction and a bent pedal.
Still, we were able to discover the entire valley from normal road to little farmer trail; not designed for curious tourists. Thanks to my smartphone with GPS maps we discovered 15km of these trails and didn’t need any of guided tours to explore the valley. We discovered a cave, tobacco plantations, and a little cafe lost in the middle of nowhere.
We bought about 8 banana on the road for 3 pesos (0.15$CAD).
I was very tired at the end of the day, I think I had fever or something. Went to bed early to get some rest for the next day.

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