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We woke up in Vinales at 5h30 to pack our stuff, have breakfast and catch the 7h00 bus that will bring us directly to Trinidad. A 7 hours journey. We arrived in Trinidad after 15h30. At the bus stop, a bicycle taxi driver was waiting for us. We hadn’t ordered one, and for 2 cuc for 100 meters we could have simply walked, but it’s important to drive local business.
We dropped our bag at our beautiful colonial style casa, filled the usual form with passport # and left to discover the city.
First, we headed to the pharmacy to buy some 8cuc after sunburn lotion for Tina.
Then, armed with our Lonely Planet, we tried to follow the historical route through the city and searched for a restaurant.
At every street corner, someone wants to offer you a taxi ride or a good family restaurant. We are getting used to it now.
We were just about to try to find one restaurant that was mentioned in the guide, when a Cuban girl on the street asked us if we wanted to have dinner at exactly that place. She took us there, as it was really difficult to find.
The view was great and we had Canchanchara; another cuban classic drink with rum, honey and lime juice.
The food was good, too, but from time to time we got hit by some nuts falling from the top of the trees.
Not sure if it was a cold or pollen alergia, but my nose was not happy today. I wish I had a big box of soft Kleenex instead of toilet paper…
We are going to bed at a reasonable hour. I even had time to read a few more pages of my book.

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