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Tina was sick all night. I had breakfast by myself and went for a quick hike while she was trying to get some rest. I crossed the city heading north to the beginning of the trail and start hiking up the 100 meters high mountain to Cerro de la Vigia. From the top, you have a good view on the entire city of Trinidad, the ocean and the surrounding mountains.
On the way back to the casa I purchased 2 large bottle of water and 2 bottles of brown Havanna Club rum. At the casa, I packed all my things to be ready to take the bus to Varadero at 3PM. Tina is nowhere in the casa and I am told that she went to the international clinic to see a doctor. I found her in the doctor’s office, she had been under observation for over an hour, after getting a shot of some sort of Electrolytes that immediately helped her feeling better. She got some pills also to kill the very mad bacteria so that she could make the bus ride to Varadero.
Once the bill was paid, I left her at the casa and went for lunch. (5cuc for a big meal, rice and a lemonade.)
2PM, It is time to get our bags, pay the casa, call a bicycle-taxi and get to Viazul bus station.
We spent the next 6 hours in the bus, tickets were only 20cuc per person.
Maybe it was cheap because it was going from city to city that were not all on a linear way to our destination; we saw Cienfuego and Santa-Clara. Someone used the toilet inside the bus, the smell is not lovely. Can’t wait to be in Varadero!!
We took a taxi to our casa to save us from the 1 km walk.
Casas in Varadero and Havana are generally more expensive than elsewhere. 30cuc per room per night.

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