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After breakfast we headed to the Varadero beach, right on the other side of the street.
There were some big waves, it was fun to swim through them. We could not stay more than 40 minutes. We had to buy 2 extra bottle of rum for Tina and some souvenirs.
Just enough time left for a quick shower, pack our bags again and catch a taxi on the street to get to the airport.
Once there, we figured out the airport tax to leave the country was 25cuc and not the 20cuc left in our pocket.
We had to withdraw a little more. Oups.
While sitting in the airport, we hear people saying that its snowing in Toronto; it is still difficult to believe we are in February and we will soon see snow again. We feel we are in vacation for weeks; we saw so much of the real Cuba. Montreal and winter outdoor activities are waiting!

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