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We left Waldsee very early to pick up our rental car for the week and took the highway in direction of Freiburg and the so-called area “The Black Forest”.
I had a chance to legally test the capabilities of a Ford Fiesta 2015 on the autobahn. I pushed it to 198km/h (when Tina was sleeping); not bad for a compact/economic car. However, I was more often at 160. 😉
Speed limit are constantly changing, it is not unlimited speed all the way. When there is construction, curve or road merge, the speed limit drops to 120, 100 or even 80 km/h. And you usually can’t just let go the accelerator… you need to break as the speed limit may drop from 120 to 60 km/h in less than 250 meters.
It’s fun 🙂
Needless to say, the 200 km were completed in quite short time 😉
We arrived in Freiburg, passed right through, and stopped in a little village to start our hike. We planned a 12 km hike up a 1000 meters mountain. The weather was great and the views just amazing.
We left a little bit short on water (Not even 3L for 2 persons). Luckily, there was a hut at the top where we could get a refill.