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We woke up in our hotel room in Freiburg. Very nice view from the 7th floor. Quite expensive, too. Tina is not feeling good, she was sick all night.
After getting her some medication, I let her sleep 2 more hours while I quickly walked through the city and hike up the nearest hill.
Once I came back to the Hotel, Tina was luckily feeling better. We checked out and were heading to Basel. In Switzerland, highways don’t have unlimited speed and the limit is usually 120 km/h.  We crossed the Switzerland border without a need to stop. We already had purchase the special vignette that is required to drive on Swiss highways – 40CHF (CAD$60). In Basel, we were visiting very good friends who we had met in Montreal. Our friend was heavily pregnant and due to deliver in two weeks. She was still full of energy and took us for a walking tour in Basel and along the Rhein. We then had an excellent BBQ dinner and packed our bags for our big hike. It turned out that their little girl wanted to see the world ahead of time and I gave our friend and her boyfriend a ride to the hospital at 5 am in the morning 🙂 Their daughter was born in the afternoon…