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We started our day earlier than planned due to the hospital emergency (see previous post) and we managed to leave Basel on time. No wonder that Switzerland has a speed limit of 120 km/h with all these mountains and tunnels..:) We passed by Bern, Thun, Spiez and then headed up the valley until the end of the road after Lauterbrunnen. It was raining and we were not expecting much improvement based on the latest weather forecast.
We decided not get discouraged by rain, put on rain jacket, gaiters and get on the trail. You could tell we were in the Alps, it started pretty steep…There were impressive cliffs on each side, waterfalls and nice views appearing through some hole in the mix of fog and clouds. For the next 2 hours we followed a river; it was relatively easy, and the trail was large enough for a car.
Then the REAL hike started. The fog disappeared, the clouds were clearing up giving view to an amazingly blue sky and some small huts nestled within a breathtaking scenery. No noise whatsoever except of the cowbells who were eating non-stop. We passed through a series of doors that are supposed to prevent the cows from escaping. As you can imagine you need to be careful where you step…
There are fewer and fewer trees and a vast green area is opening in front of us. Far away at the bottom of the Schilthorn mountain, we can see a hut that seems to be our final destination for this day. Even though we can see it, it is still a long way to get there. We stopped a few times to take pictures, enjoy the incredible scenery and to have some snacks, the trail remains pretty steep.
We finally got to the Rotstockhutte around 4 pm. This is where we will have dinner and sleep tonight. With an unexpected blue sky, a pleasantly warm temperature and impressive mountains around it, you could potentially call it a little paradise.