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We woke up in Muerren and had breakfast at the hotel. We went for a short hike around and above the village. After lunch, I rented a climbing harness to do the Via Ferrara from Murren to Grindelwald. It offered very nice views and was not to technical and difficult, provided that you are not afraid of heights…Tina decided not to do it and hiked down to Grindelwald.
At one place, I even watched a guy in a wingsuit getting ready for base jumping. Later, I crossed a very exposed area with dozens of steps with nothing but air for 2000 meters beneath me. Next was crossing a canyon walking on a wire and holding to 2 other cables. Then there were these 10 ladders that I had to climb down.
Most sections were in the forest and were an easy hike. It ended with a Nepalais bridge. When I got there there were already 3 persons trying to cross the bridge, one girl seemed to have a hard time to cross it. When I put a first foot on the bridge, I understood why. I’m usually not much afraid of heights, however when your feet balance sideways, you are thousands of meters above the ground and all you can hold to a thin wire on the right side – this changes everything. Especially when each step creates more balancing movements. I could not even get out my camera in the first few meters.
Luckily, in the middle section, it doesn’t balance much and you can hold to large wire on each side. I managed to take pictures and enjoy the view from there. Getting off the bridge was equally as challenging. Wow! What an experience!
I then returned the rental equipment, met Tina and took the last gondola down to the valley.
We then headed to our AirBnB near Thun.