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We woke up in our AirBnB private room in Thun. We had a balcony with a great view on mountains and valleys around. We had breakfast served by our hosts and we chatted with them in German, English and French. There were curious to know what a German-Quebecois couple was doing in Switzerland!

We then headed to the bicycle rental place in Thun. Renting a bike turned out to be way more difficult than expected. They forgot to take note we wanted to rent shoes with clip pedals, there was no holder for water bottles and no extra air chamber or tool included.
Tina was not feeling well due to a cold and managed to get around the cancellation fee. We waited around 1 hour for the rain to stop and I then started my biking tour by myself. I managed to fit 2 bottles of water and a couple of energy bars in my jersey, hopefully I won’t get a flat tire or need Tina’s German skills. Tina went to Thun to visit the city and take it easy. I started riding on the south section of the lake, until Interlaken. I then headed north across the city and started the climb. A very steep climb of several km which took at least an hour. Luckily, once at the highest point, it was mostly downhill to Thun.
I went through some tunnels, had breathtaking views on the lake and rode on narrow roads going left and right around the mountain. The road was still wet and there were many blind spots; I had to be very careful, but it was great!

At some point, a sign indicated that the road to get back to Thun was blocked. The name of the city ‘Thun’ was striked out on the sign. Not good! I didn’t want to turn around, nor going through another hour of steep climb. So I decided to just continue that way … until I got to the construction site. No asphalt for at least 500 meters. The construction guys obviously could not speak English and my German was not advanced enough, but I managed to understand that there was a way around the construction site through the field on my left. Luckily, I didnt’ have to go up the hill again.

I met Tina at the bike rental and returned the road bike to them. I completed the 66km around the lake and 1160 meters climb.

We then headed to Basel to spend the night at our friends’ place.