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We woke up at 5 am to arrive at Frankfurt airport by 8 am. Tina’s sister gave us a ride to the airport. Our luggage are filled to the maximum limit and we need to leave a bottle of alcohol free wine behind..
At the airport security, we realized that Tina had put her micro spikes in my back bag. Luckily, the security crew let us pass as they didn’t deem the spikes as too dangerous.

On our transfer in Paris they didn’t even notice them. Thank god, as the 2 hour layover did not leave much time for discussions as we needed to go through customs again (long waiting lines) and then crossed pretty much the whole airport to get our gate. We made it on time!

We arrived in Montréal, luckily all our luggage had arrived as well. Back to work on the next day – totally jet lagged 🙂 The end of a fantastic trip with an amazing wedding, German culture, the Alps and having met Tina’s family, friends and so many other great people!