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We left the Hotel early and had breakfast. A Cappuccino always helps to get rid of jet lag! (Especially since I never drink coffee)

We quickly visited Bastia port area before getting on the road for Cap Corse. ( That’s the narrow portion at the north of the island.)

We started with the east side first and Tina’stomach quickly got used to Corsica’s twisting roads, and me to driving on what I beleived was narrows roads…

We stopped for a hike on the “Sentier des douaniers”. The road to get there was not in good conditions but still feasible with a small car. The trail was nice and easy; it was alternating between beaches, hills and cliffs; with constant view on the sea. We turned around half way through due to time restriction.

From there the road is crossing the mountain to get on the west coast. That is were the road get narrow and really twisted. It’s almost impossible to pass the 3rd gear (or 50kmh) for the remaining 70km

There was a group of Porsche (30+) who apprently enjoyed those roads as much as me …but it seems I was going too slow for them. 🙂

Nonza was amazing to visit. This city was built on a cliff and spaces between houses are just wide enough to walk the stairs. It was like a maze. From the tower, we can see the village from above. 

We bought some beer and headed to our AirBnB located in Oletta. A nice valley surrounded by huge mountains.