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We had breakfast and left for a day hike along the north shore of Corsica, near St-Florent. We got good tips from our AirBnB host to reach a secret parking 3km west of St-Florent beaches. As expected, the road was in bad shape but we managed not to break or scratch the car.

We followed the shore in direction of the Lodo beach. The first section is mostly flat but never in straight line. The view is amazing. We had to remove our shoes to cross a 50cm deep river to continue on the trail. We finally stopped 2km before the prestigious Lodo beach (likely full of tourist) to instead opt for a smaller one that made us think about the movie “The Beach” with Leonardo DiCaprio. There are no roads to get there, the only way is through that 16km hike in total.

Next objective was to reach Ile Rousse, located on the other side of the mountains (Desert des Agriates). Trying to follow the locals behing the wheel of a Citroen C3 Diesel, I was feeling like in a Go-Kart. A Fiat 500 in front, an Audi behind me. Stay focus; it’s super narrow and there is always a Cliff or a bridge after each curve.