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Today, our plan was to complete a relatively difficult hike offering a more than rewarding view.

We identified a good candidate; a 1300m peak with view on the sea and surrounding mountains. It’s called the Capu d’Ortu. The trail starts near the city of Piana.

To get there, we left our AirBnB in Porto/Ota and headed toward Piana on a narrow road. Yeah those road where the 2nd gear is almost too fast to take the curve, there is zero visibility in the curve, there is nearly just enough space for 2 cars; buses take both lanes to take the curve and a few rocks on the side of the road supposed to prevent the car from jumping 500m below.

The hike was amazing. It started like any hike; going across a forest, along the side of a spring, following the ridge up in the mountain. It started getting interesting, once the trail left the forest to get on bare rock. The view was getting better and better as we went up. This region is also called the Calenques. It has strange rock formation sculpted by rain, wind, and time. Those were visible up there and with some imagination, you can spot forms of dog or eagle heads…

Many cairn (rock on top of others rocks) help us follow the path through this maze, up to the summit.

Tina is afraid of heights but she managed to reach the summit. As expected, the view was rewarding. The way down was as challenging as the way up.

Back in Piana, we headed for the beach, a 3km, one lane road, going down the side of the cliff to the sea level. Interestingly, there was no kind of protection on the side of the road…

After a nice meal in one of Piana’s restaurant, we headed back to Porto/Ota to relax in our AirBnB.