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We left our paradise studio in Ota, drove to the Calenques of Piana. We went for a short hike. (You remember, this is the place were the rocks are sculted with strange forms). It’s also were the road gets very narrow and usually gets crowded by tourists walking on the street with their cameras. 

Well, its October, all tourists are gone. We walked the road as well and took plenty of pictures 🙂

Next stop was the Capu Rosso, a hike on a peninsula with the Mediterranean sea on each side. The sky was getting cloudy but we left on that trail going down for the first 1.5km then the climb started and the rain soon after. We had to turn around half way up as the rain was making the rock slippery. Still, we took a few good pictures and indeed the rain stopped by the time we get back to the car!

Before leaving the area, we made a stop at “Plage d’Arone”. This beach is located at the end of this road. It has a few restaurant, camping, and a beautiful white sand beach.

We left the beach around 17h30 and headed for our next AirBnB, booked the night before. It was located between Sargone and Ajaccio, high in the mountains. (Glad we had a GPS because it was dark when we arrived.)