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Today, we burned some more gas and some of the tire tread too. We were recommended a road going through the mountain while avoiding the main road as much as possible.

We left our AirBnB in direction of Ajaccio. We took the National road but quicly left it for a secondary road heading to Pilla which is sitting just above an artificial lake. We returned to the National and then we followed the D55 road toward the coast (Acqua Doria) and then we followed the coast south in direction of Porto Pollo. We stopped at Cupabia beach for about 2 hours. Then headed to Porto Pollo, Propriano, and we stopped at Sartène for a little visit of the old town.

On secondary roads, we cannot exceed 30-50kmh while on the national, its usually 70 to 80kmh average. Even if I would push the car (rev the motor between each curve and break just on time)… it would still be too slow for locales. Yeah, a suzuki swift managed to pass me and a Jeep wrangler was almost pushing me from behind. He obviously would be driving faster without me on its way. Sometime, stopping for a few pictures sounds like a good idea.

There was a rally car championship this week in Corsica, on the road to Bonifacio, we saw nearly 60 modified Porsche and Ferarri driving north to their next stage.

We arrived at our Hotel in Bonifacio, dropped a few things and we walked toward the Bonifacio fortresses just on time to capture a few shot at the sunset.