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We had breakfast at the hotel, and we then walked to the Citadel to visit the old town. For a small fee, we visited the King Aragon staircase which is carved within the limestone cliff and allow access to the sea level from the upper town. It’s very steep and a good workout to go back up, especially with a backpack having 2.5litres of water in it 🙂

We also visited the bastion of the fortresses. There was 2 or 3 level of rooms; like an underground bunker 😉 This area also gave us an exceptional view on the city. It worth the 3.50€.

We then went on a boat cruise for an hour. We visited the nearby “calenques”, some bays, went inside the mountain through a narrow opening and followed the cliff on which the city was built. We enjoyed it.

We then drove north in direction of Porto Vecchio and stopped at the Balistra beach on the way there. It may be our last day at the beach as we are heading toward the highest mountains of the island, far from the coast. We enjoyed every moment of it before heading to Quenza. It was much colder up there.