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This morning, we bought some baguettefrom the baker who is driving from home to home in the village. Excellent timing for our breakfast and our scheduled hike.

Our hike started from the Col de Bavella parking lot.A steep uphill to start with through a forest of huge pine trees.

We navigated between huge rocks shaped like needles (aiguille) while following the yellow marking on the rocks.

One section was steep enough to have a chain installed in order to help hikers descend. Tina didn’t like it, not at all. We managed to pass the section mostly without the help of the chain. (Not without some tears)

The climb was not over yet. We reached the first summit about 30 min later. This is steep and narrow (like needles). It is actually the only one we can climb without a rope. The fog was coming in as I reached the summit; the view was only partially visible.

The trail went up a little more passing on the left side of the next 2 needles before heading down in the valley.

This is where we reached the famous GR20 trail with its red and white marking heading back to our parking while going around the mountain range.

Beautiful landscape. Highly recommended day hike.

We headed back to our AirBnB in Quenza.