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We left Quenza very early, passed through the Col de Bavella at sunrise in direction of the city of Corte.

We took advantage of the good weather forecast to do another hike today. We were recommended a hike near Corte in the Restonica valley.

The road to get there, you know it, was narrow and was going up for 14km until a parking area.

From there, the trail is very rocky as this used to be a glacier valley. The trail later split in 2; a trail on each side of the spring. On left side, the trail followed the side of the mountain while on the right side, there are a set of staircase and chains to help pass the steepest sections up to Melo Lake.

This lake is located at 1711m high in altitude and is frozen 5 to 6 months per years.

We continued our hike to a second lake located much higher. That one is frozen 8 months per years.

I would not swim in it! The fog came down from the mountain, it was time to go down.

There were 2 sections where a chain was installed to help hikers. Tina succeeded without tears but without a smile. 😉

Excellent hike with totally different scenery compared to the others hikes we did in Corsica.

We then headed to our AirBnB in Ste Lucia de Mercurio; a very small village located about 14km from corte, high in the mountain.

We got there, there was nobody home. There was a little box with a numeric combination hiding a key. We were not given any code… We were about to call the phone number provided by the owner when another couple arrived. They also rented a room in the same house; they arrived the day before and already had the key to get inside. Good timing, we could get to our room without issue. The couple was German and really nice and funny.Unfortunately, no time to practise my German…

We later cook diner together and found out we did the same hike, same day as them.