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We woke up early and since we had nothing left to make a breakfast and there was no service in this village (Not even a bakery) we drove to Corte.

Corte is an amazing city. It’s a university city; it’s full of life. There are cafe and restaurants but they are not filled by tourist. They are filled by students.

After breakfast we headed to the Fortress, walked around it to the view point.

We decided to do a small section of the “Mare a Mare nord” trail in the Tavignano valley which start a few blocks from the Fortress.

It was not an overly difficult hike but we could feel it was our third hike in three days. We walked for maybe 5km along the right side of the valley, slowly gaining altitude up to a view point. It was a big rock above the river offering a view on Corte (3km in straight line) below and on the rest of the valley above.

Since we had not much to eat. We just turned around and went for lunch in Corte.

A relaxed day, visiting Corte and its surrounding.

We are back to Santa Lucia di Mercurio for one more night.