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We shared a very large hotel room with our friend. Breakfast was included; with fruit salad, sausage, meat, eggs, bread… anything you can imagine. A big difference compared to the french baguette and jam we had over the last 2 weeks :). You can tell that the German like big breakfasts.

First we visited the Octoberfest site which ended last week. It is being disassembled; still we get a good idea of the size of the event.

Then we saw the Bavarian lady statue next to the Octoberfest site.

We visited the city center, its churches, cathedrals, public markets and many public places.

We then headed to the English Garden, a river is crossing it with a current strong enough to create a wave where surfing is possible. It is a very big park.

We headed back in town as it started raining and hailling. It’s so cold here; 1 short sleeve, 2 long sleeves and a wind breaker was not enough to keep me warm. I guess it was around 5c with very high level of humidity.

At night, we headed to the famous Hofbraeuhaus for beer and dinner. After 6PM, the only beer format available is the 1 litre jug. That’s a lot of beer.

We managed to find our way back to the hotel. It feels warmer now. 🙂