Italy 2017 – Dolomites – Video


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This video describes 2 differents mountain hikes done in the Dolomites, in September 2017. One across the Tschamin valley, the Buco dell’Orso, the Alps Di Tires Hut with a return through Compatsch. The second hike is a loop around the Tre Cime di Lavaredo between the Auronzo and the Locatelli huts.

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Speyer – Lake Como – Italy 2017 – Day 1


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Today we begin our Italy road trip. We rented a Ford Fiesta and left Speyer (Germany) in direction of Basel (Switzerland). We struggled the first few kilometers to reach the A5 highway as I forgot to download a subset of the offline map on my phone, but after a few wrong turns, we finally got there!

The A5 is the autobahn highway where many sections have unlimited speed limit. I was actually quite reasonable this time, I kept it under 165kmh 😉 We only stopped once to buy the 40 euro Switzerland annual vignette. It’s mandatory in order to use Swiss highways. Quite expensive for 1 day!

We managed to reach Basel very quickly. We met friends for lunch time and had a good time.

We then continued our route through Switzerland toward Lucerne and crossed so many tunnels, one of them was over 16km straight through the mountain. It was quite impressive!

We arrived in Como around 5PM. We almost got lost in the city with some contradictory GPS indications. We then followed a super narrow, twisting, 1 1/4 line wide road to Brunate. A village on top of a mountain, just above the city of Como.

We got the key of our bed & breakfast and went to a nice restaurant nearby to sit, have a pizza, drink some excellent red wine and enjoy the view 😉